The course is suitable for both children and young people who want to learn new skills and use their imagination by creating new characters, and for adult employees in kindergartens, SFO, leisure clubs and other institutions. The ability to make colorful shapes out of balloons can be a great way to make students' everyday school life more exciting or to create a fun atmosphere during a children's party. Twisting skills can be used in educational work with children in many aspects such as colors, sizes, symmetries, balance.

During the course, participants make their own balloon figures with guidance from our experienced staff.  

Course duration: 10 - 16 with lunch break
We provide the necessary equipment.
The course consists of two parts; a short theoretical part and practical part. The theory part contains the use of the product and its role in the environment. The practical part teaches how to inflate and tie balloons in a simple and fast way, how to twist balloons without them bursting and the technique behind figure-twisting. Each participant receives a course certificate after completing the course.


  • Basic information about balloons.

  • Classic Decorations

  • Organic Compositions


The first basic course for you who want to start a balloon adventure.

Through the course you learn:

  • Knowledge of the product, its origin, application and role in the environment.

  • Properly inflate balloons with both air and gas.

  • Easy and efficient balloon tying.

  • Techniques for tying balloons together.

  • Make balloon bows and garlands.

  • Create balloon columns, different patterns and the ability to tie together balloons of different sizes.

  • Correct pricing of decorations.

  • Interesting organic decorations.

The duration of the course is 2 days, 8 hours / day. The course ends with a short test. Participants then receive a certificate of completed training.

The organizer provides the necessary materials and equipment.

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