Balloons are our passion, hobby  and love!  Recently, the view of balloons has changed and balloons are today one of the most important decorative elements in any event, both large and small. Balloons are like a vitamin supplement that makes people happy and makes people smile. Fargerike Drømmer is an importer and distributor of Italian Gemar balloons in Norway. Each country has its own Gemar representative and we have the honor of representing them in Norway. At Gemar, we love to enjoy great moments and create good, lasting memories through balloons in collaboration with partners and customers all over the world. The sight of balloons gives joy to people of all ages, and we believe that we can spread this joy in an environmentally friendly, sustainable and ethically correct way.

Why Gemar? 
Gemar is a leader in the balloon industry when it comes to sustainable development.
Gemar is proud to lead the way into the future, and is the first company in the balloon and party industry to adopt sustainability reporting certified in accordance with the GRI guideline.

Balloons are not plastic
All our balloons are made of "caoutchouc" - a natural, renewable and 100% bio-based rubber latex. Latex is combined with organic pigments, and this makes our balloons biodegradable at the same rate as an oak leaf.

What about packaging?
All packaging is recyclable, reusable or FSC-certified. Gemar's production process uses 93% renewable materials.

100% FSC
Our new range of 100% FSC-certified natural rubber balloons is packed in recyclable and reusable balloon bags. With this new range, we give our customers the opportunity to buy natural rubber products made in a way that is good for people and nature

Co2 emissions
Gemar has not only reduced CO2 emissions, they have created a negative CO2 balance. From the rubber plantation to finished balloons that leave the factory, we save 29.09 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of balloons.

Gemar is a big family and we want to treat our partners and customers in this way.


Gemar is an active member of Assogiocattoli and the European Balloon & Party Council (EBPC), organizations dedicated to improving industry standards and promoting best practices and responsible use of balloons through Party Safe. Gemar ® is also a member of SEDEX, an organization dedicated to improving ethics in global supply chains, as well as European standardization bodies CEN-CENELEC and UNI.

Colorful Dreams is part of the Gemar family and also a member of the organization Balloon Alliance for the Environment, which aims to promote balloons and education about balloons.

Why Colorful Dreams?
We have many years of experience in the balloon industry.
We have knowledge of products and the environment.
WE have knowledge of balloon techniques that we have gained through courses and training with balloon artists from all over the world.
Our general manager Monika Kleina is a trained and certified balloon artist.
Balloons are our passion.
We see the customer's needs, are thorough, creative, punctual and very flexible.
We tailor our services to the customer's wishes.
We work with the best product available on the market